New Reality Parenting

In today’s multi-tasking, fast changing world, parents feel like they are playing catch up to their children and not the other way around!  Are you a struggling parent who never feels in control? Do you have to say “yes” to connect with your child?  Is the word “no” the beginning of a major war? If you answered YES to any of those questions you are like me and most other parents today.   I call this New Reality Parenting and I have a developed a method to the madness of parenting. Come in for a three part  assessment after which will you will have strategy playbook  of in the moment solutions to everyday dilemmas.  Best of all you too can learn how to multi-task, keep up the pace and parent effectively all at once! Call me today at 978-884-1213 for a free phone consultation. The cost for the three sessions is $380.00.


One Size Never Fits All – Blended Families, Modern Families, All Families -Get Aligned and Comfortable with Who You Are

Families today are unique in their own way. The reality is there is still preconception of how things should be and most of the time it’s not how they are.  Come in for a Family Alignment Assessment. In two meetings we will determine what is working and what is not. Do your children want you to be different than you are? Do the neighbors have vocal views about YOUR family? We’ll determine what is important to you as parents and plan an alignment strategy for your family. Two Session cost is $300.00


Dad’s Short Shop Solution’s

Short shop solution’s teaches fathers how kid time, can be the best times. Fathers today want the most of their limited child time. Short stop solution’s provides expert guidance on how every moment between dad and child can be a winner. Learn how to talk while having fun and be in charge without getting angry. Be the best dad you can and do it without stress. Make an appointment for a free phone consultation 978-884-1213. Come in for the two session short stop real deal and see how the real dad’s play the game of parenting. Cost for two sessions $260.00


Dr. Kate’s Quick Fixes

My Fast, easy Fixes are solutions that end power struggles over bedtime, homework, technical devices, screen time and everything battleable. Begin connecting, stop rejecting. Come in for 1-4 sessions, depending on need, and leave with specific kid connecting strategies that win out every time over power struggles.  Cost $150 per session, discount for multiple sessions upfront.


Activity Coaching for the Active Male 

What boy wants to sit in an office a gab about stuff. Not my two, I know that. Bring your son in for some dual coaching; talking and playing at the same time! Together we will decide our fun. We can choose soccer, walking, running, jumping. Boys are happiest when they are moving and making them happy helps to share. And sharing leads to strategies that guide solutions. We all love it when they generate their own!



The Hipper Psychologist

Who said going to the counselor had to be boring? After working with hundreds of teenage girls I have come to be called the HIPPER Psychologist. Bring your daughter in and let her judge for herself. Where talking is the Hippest.


Kindergarten Readiness Assessment  

In today’s competitive world, everyone goes for the edge. Parents hold their child back from kindergarten a year to give them the advantage. Make an appointment and learn what is expected in Kindergarten and whether your child has what it takes or needs to wait.


Best Student Assessment

What parent would not want to know their child’s preferred learning style. Are they someone who learns through listening or maybe they like to see the world in visuals. Perhaps they need to remember things in context with acronyms or maybe embedded in a song. They might do best with rote information, or perhaps they lose focus when information is too long or too fast. In today’s world, being the best means being the fastest. You can provide your child with a learning profile that describes who they are. Know their strengths and their development needs. I can do all that for you and more. I provide standard learning assessments, with report and feedback to give your child the learning edge.  Call for free consultation with pricing options.


Tele Coaching


Don’t have time for the traditional in person meeting? Or maybe you are not local. Or better yet you need someone to talk to now. With my online scheduler you can usually find time to talk within a day or two. We will have a skype or phone coaching session with specific goals and outcomes. You can sign up now and see what I can do for you.

Co-Parenting or Joint Custody-Learn to be Great Parenting Partners

Do you and your ex share custody? Perhaps one of you has physical custody and the other visitation. Either way, both parents are essential to your child’s well being. Come in alone or together and learn strategies for co-parenting in the best interest of your children.  You do not have to like your ex to be great parenting partners


Mom’s weekly Chit Chat

Join me and about 8 other moms like yourself for 90 minutes of group chit chat right in your own home. So get in your most comfortable spot, bring a glass of wine and we’ll set you up with a phone number or webinar capability and together we will chat about your experiences as a mom. You can be anonymous or reveal who you are, but best of all you can be part of our group no matter where you live in the country!

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